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Victoria Main Image

The elegance embedded
within the slightest details.

In a time now distant, sophistication held the key to success. Now, that ancient
and fairy- tale-like essence comes to life within Victoria’s soft lines, our flagship
product. With its elegant charm, it can effortlessly blend both in spaces that exude
a vintage aura and in more contemporary and avant-garde settings.

Suited for

Maltese, Yorkshire, Chihuahua, Volpino, Shih Tzu, Pinscher etc.
Jack Russel,Boxer,Beagle,English Bulldog.Labrador etc.
*we can customize it for bigger dogs
Victoria Dog Image
Within the carefully selected, high quality materials and the attention to detail
highlighted by gentle quilted finishes, lies Victoria’s regalia: a product exuding a
strong, independent and, why not, even a touch egocentric character. The velvet
embraces the piece in a sinuous fashion and welcomes your dog providing a safe
and comfortable environment, without ever abandoning the simplicity of a
timeless design.
Victoria Detail Image


Victoria Specs Image
W1 = 77 cm
D1 = 59 cm
H1 = 47 cm
W2 = 56 cm
D2 = 45 cm
H2 = 22 cm
W1 = 100m
D1 = 85 cm
H1 = 55 cm


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