Taylord Detail

Why shouldn't our pets enjoy the same household comforts as us humans?
It is around this very question that Taylord gradually came to life.
But let’s take a step back to when it all started.

The beginning of our
love for pets

Smith Red Detail
Tay Lord.
A name, an idea and an objective that directs its gaze towards the desires of its customers: combining the concept of Interior Design and the world of household pets into a single product that is in step with current times and with contemporaryinnovation.

Tay Lord’s products are not just mere items, but actual pieces of  furniture which hold, encompassed in their finishes, the idea of a design of excellence and the authentic Made in Italy style, ultimately bringing to life unique complements that blend seamlessly with the enclosing interior.

Made in Venice,
loved by the world

Boden Green
Our journey in search of the finest materials has led us, step by step, across the Italian peninsula – geographically and beyond.

Culture, style and craftsmanship. These are the three pillars of a timeless product identity which, when combined, ensure a performance that is lasting and safe, optimised by the premium quality of the selected materials.
Download our catalogue
Download our catalogue
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Explore my taylord
Explore my taylord
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Smith Red Detail
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