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Design is in the eyes of
those who experience it.

Even the simplest cushion can turn into a unique design piece. And this is how
Boden comes to be, a union of style and simplicity embedded in soft velvet fabric
and in the light grain of the wooden feet. The Nordic-inspired seat structure
welcomes the dog and ultimately involves it as part of the family, by providing it
a cozy and secure spot within the household.

Suited for

Jack Russell, Maltese, Yorkshire, Dachshund, Pug, Bouledogue français etc.
Boden Dog Image
With its soft lines, durable finishes, and the subtle contrast between velvet and
wood, Boden is the choice that aligns with your interior ideal concept without
disrupting it, gently harmonizing with the environment and adding that touch of
warmth that makes a difference.
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Boden Specs Image
W = 74 cm
D1 = 76 cm
D2 = 54 cm
H1 = 50 cm
H2 = 14 cm


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